BioBTX headquarters on the move

BioBTX headquarters on the move
01/06/2018 BioBTX
EnTranCe Zernike Groningen BioBTX

BioBTX BV moved its corporate offices from Innolab to Entrance, both on the Zernike campus in Groningen. The relocation happened last week and all people are settled in their new location.
CEO Pieter Imhof explained that moving to Entrance is a logical step considering the arrival of the pilot plant  next month.

“With our technology we are moving from research to development phase. Our pilot plant will be located at the Zernike Advance Processing (ZAP) facilities at Entrance, and we want our offices as close as possible to the pilot plant for optimal operation and communication.” he said. “Our move from incubator phase at Innolab to the pilot phase in ZAP is a perfect example of Zernike, Groningen strategy to facilitate start up companies. We look forward to move to the next pilot plant phase , crucial for our future success”.

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