Carduso Capital invests in BioBTX

Carduso Capital invests in BioBTX
16/10/2017 BioBTX
BioBTX sustainable BTX technology

The Carduso Capital finance will accelerate the scaling up of the technique that already proved itself on lab scale and in test lineups. Frits Kok, fund manager of Carduso says “BioBTX owns a worldwide license on this patented technology and wants to develop it for the usage of a wide range of Biomass. This can be a big step in decreasing dependence on crude oil for the production of plastics. BioBTX fits perfect in the regional and technical objectives of Carduso”.

Cor Kamminga CEO of BioBTX adds: “after the construction of a pilot plant in Groningen it is the intention to roll out the technology into the market. First step will be the construction of a plant in Emmen, together with our partners Cumapol and SunOil, to produce building blocks for example PET packaging for the cosmetic industry out of Glycerin”.

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