The strength of BioBTX as a company is the combination of a solid, environmentally friendly product and a viable competitive strategy.


The business opportunity of BioBTX

BioBTX distinguishes itself from competitors with its unique integrated two-step technology. The technology has proven itself on pilot scale and is now ready to be scaled up to the first commercial demonstration plant.

The BioBTX technology can also be integrated into (existing) pyrolysis and gasification plants to move from fuels and energy to valuable chemicals. 

Our BTX is more attractive than traditional BTX

We are currently improving our technology to produce sustainable BTX as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The goal is to provide our BTX at a more competitive price than traditional BTX.

Once sustainable BTX can be produced on a large scale its production costs will be attractive for manufacturers using BTX as a resource. Traditional BTX is created using fossil resources; materials that are valuable and will become increasingly more valuable as supplies continue to dwindle. Our BTX is different, as it is created using sustainable feedstock and end-of-life plastics. Most of the resources we turn into BTX are considered waste, which is where our business opportunity lies: waste is unwanted and cheap, while fossil resources are highly sought after and expensive.