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The future of BTX is biobased and circular

At BioBTX we develop technology for a circular world. We produce BTX from biomass and plastics. The BioBTX technology makes it possible to move from a linear fossil world to a circular renewable society.


BTX are a group of molecules, consisting of benzene, toluene, and xylenes. These molecules are used in huge volumes in our current society, more than 150.000.000 tons per year. They are used as building blocks for a large array of products. These products play a huge role in our present society. You can think of high performance polymers, pharmaceuticals, coatings, isolation materials, PET bottles etc.

These applications and many more all rely on BTX.  These chemicals are currently produced from fossil resources. As fossil reserves dwindle, legislation demands for sustainable and circular production of chemicals, and our society must decrease their CO2 footprint, the BioBTX technology can make carbon circularity possible.


Using our in-house developed ICCP technology, we can convert end-of-life waste plastics and biomass towards circular and sustainable chemical building blocks. End-of-life plastics are currently being incinerated, landfilled or converted to low-value products. At BioBTX we convert them towards high-value molecules, which can be used as drop-in chemicals in the current chemical industry. This allows for a subtle transition towards a circular and sustainable society.

We believe in the future of circular and sustainable BTX, do you?!

April 2022

BioBTX has finished the construction of the in-house developed and constructed mini plant. This setup is able to process 100 grams per hour on a continuous basis and has received some important improvements, relative to the BioBTX pilot plant. This setup will allow BioBTX to do faster and more research because the mini plant was designed for flexibility.

December 2021

TransitionHero has finished the Basic Engineering phase of the PETRA plant. TransitionHero and BioBTX will continue with the detailed engineering phase to facilitate the start of construction in 2022 and commissioning of the PETRA plant in 2024.

October 2021

BioBTX has started the in-house construction of a more flexible alternative for their 10-kilogram scale pilot plant: the miniplant. This setup will be able to process between 50 and 500 gram per hour of feedstock and will be used to supplement the research done on the BioBTX pilot plant. The mini plant will be ready in Q1/Q2 2022.

September 2021

BioBTX participates in the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme Circular Foam. The project consortium consists of 21 participating organisations, coordinated by multinational Covestro.

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