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BioBTX makes full Carbon Circularity possible

About us

About BioBTX

BioBTX B.V. was founded with the goal of developing technology for the production of sustainable BTX. We do this to contribute our share to a circular and sustainable chemical industry.  We do not believe in cannot do, but in can and will do. We do not consider waste a problem; we see it as a building block for renewable chemicals. And of course, there are challenges associated to these new building blocks, but we see that as an opportunity to make impact. We are eager to take up this opportunity and to contribute to this once in a millennium transition. Are you ready for the future?

We are a company passionate about innovation and taking our part in the fight against climate change. We see the waste around us -both from plastics and leftover biowaste- as an opportunity to reduce impact on the environment. Each day we work with our dedicated team to reach these goals.

Ruurd Sinnema

Project Director PETRA

Bart Vermeulen

Head of Contracting & Procurement

Matina de Waal Malefijt

Intern Catalyst Development

Kas Kuijken

Pilot Plant Engineer

Shruti Vaze

Process Technologist

Mart Hendriksen

Process Technologist

Richard Hommes

Pilot Plant Operator

Hans Dijkstra

Plant Manager PETRA

Kimon Kounalis

R&D scientist

Ruben Stevelink

Process Technologist

Diana Ciolca

Lead Catalyst Development

Niels Schenk

CTO, Chief Technology Officer

Ton Vries

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Cor Kamminga

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Matthijs van Akker

Process Technologist

Tijmen Vries

Strategic Development