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BioBTX is a technology development company, focussing on the development and realization of breakthrough technologies for a circular future. We have the goal of realizing circular value chains through collaboration to bring the BioBTX ICCP technology to the whole world. 

Future Growth 

At BioBTX, we are committed to driving innovation and sustainability for the circular chemical industry. Our proprietary technology enables us to produce high-value aromatics from a variety of feedstocks, including biomass and low-value plastic waste. Our goal is to transform the way these resources are used, creating a circular economy that minimizes waste and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


The From the first plant
to future licensing opportunities

BioBTX is currently working on the realisation of the first industrial scale ICCP plant. This will be followed by the deployment of the technology across Europe and the world. The BioBTX ICCP technology thereby offers different opportunities. BioBTX has the goal to develop, design, commercialize and integrating future ICCP-plants into different places in the world. Interested to learn more about our licensing opportunities?

The BioBTX technology opportunities:

  • Biomass into aromatics
  • Mixed plastic waste into aromatics
  • Combinations of plastics and biomass into aromatics 

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Why partner with BioBTX? 


  • Transform waste into valuable resources: Our proprietary technology enables us to transform a variety of feedstocks into high-value aromatics, creating a circular economy that minimizes waste and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Drive innovation and sustainability: By licensing our technology, you can drive innovation and sustainability in the renewable chemistry industry, helping to create a more sustainable future for industries and geographies around the world.


  • Experienced and committed team: Our team has extensive experience in technology development and commercialization, and we are committed to providing our partners with the support and resources they need to succeed.

Who can benefit from licensing our technology?

  • Chemical companies: By licensing our technology, chemical companies can diversify their product portfolio and create new revenue streams while promoting sustainability.


  • Waste management companies: Waste management companies can increase the value of their feedstocks by licensing our technology, helping to create a circular economy and reduce waste.


  • Government agencies: Government agencies can promote sustainable development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by partnering with BioBTX and licensing our technology.

To learn more about BioBTX and our licensing opportunities, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring how we can work together towards a circular future.


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