We believe in the power of collaborating

To realize a circular economy, cooperation between every part of the value circle is needed.


Circularity can only be reached together

BioBTX is the result of an intensive collaboration between several companies and knowledge institutes. It is in our DNA to work together with other organisations. We thoroughly believe that collaboration brings out the best in developing a complex technology, such as BioBTX’. We need everyone on-board for this transition, are you with us?


Do you have a biomass-, plastic-, or combination thereof – waste stream for which you would like to investigate the conversion towards BTX? Are you interested in securing a circular and/or biobased BTX chemical building block stream? Look no further and get into contact with us! We are ready for the material and chemicals transition, are you!?

The BioBTX technology can also be integrated into (existing) pyrolysis and gasification plants to move from fuels and energy to valuable chemicals.


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BTX are a combination of benzene, toluene and xylene. These are important building blocks for a myriad of widely used products. For instance, their uses range from plastics for packaging materials to specialty chemicals and advanced plastics, such as highly sustainable and strong fibre.

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