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BioBTX secures over € 80 million to launch world’s first renewable aromatics plant

03rd Jun 2024

BioBTX, a pioneering developer of renewable aromatics technology in the Netherlands, has secured over €80 million to launch its first…Read more

Interns on the frontlines of aromatics’ circular transformation!

07th Mar 2024

We are thrilled to welcome our newest interns, Matina de Waal Malefijt and Joline Ridder, to our ranks! As we…Read more

Just Transition Fund project granted!

17th Oct 2023

BioBTX, seen as a pioneer in circular technology development, is proud to announce that together with the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven…Read more

Pioneering the world’s first high-performance coatings containing phthalic anhydride made from plastic waste

27th Jul 2023

Berlin/Germany, July 26, 2023 – Beckers Group, a global purpose-led, innovation-based coatings company, is collaborating with suppliers to incorporate raw…Read more

PVDC multilayer films: Chemical recycling by means of catalytic conversion into aromatics (BTX)

26th Jul 2023

BioBTX and Solvay join forces to address one of the biggest challenges in plastic recycling: PVDC multilayer packaging materials. Multilayer…Read more

New interns joining the BioBTX ranks!

07th Apr 2023

In our mission to make circular chemistry possible, we welcome two new interns to the BioBTX organisation. Ricarda Winterott is…Read more

Circular Packaging Challenge pitch

06th Mar 2023

Tijmen Vries, our Business Development numero 1, pitched the BioBTX philosophy and mission at the Circular Packing Challenge event, held…Read more

State-of-the-art plant designed to process non-recyclable plastic waste into feestock for chemical recycling operations of Clariter and BioBTX

16th Sep 2022

15th September 2022 Clariter, BioBTX, Bollegraaf, and N+P announced yesterday at the Prinsjesfestival in the city of The Hague (the…Read more

BioBTX represented at the K Fair 2022

12th Aug 2022

“Recycling has been around for ages, and still: there’s great potential in it” BioBTX is proud to be represented at…Read more

BioBTX awarded the EnTranCe Award 2022

29th Jun 2022

At the New Energy Forum 2022, hosted by EnTranCe on the 23rd of June, BioBTX has been awarded the first…Read more

Gaby op ‘t Holt runner-up in the Techniekheld 2022 election

29th Jun 2022

  Gaby op ‘t Holt, BioBTX’ beloved Pilot Plant operator, was the runner-up of the Techniekheld 2022 (Technology Hero 2022)…Read more

Removing the vermicelli from the plastic soup!

29th Jun 2022

BioBTX and TeHo International Inc Ltd will close the loop on mooring ropes together: on the way to a circular…Read more

MER and permit application started for the PETRA plant

09th May 2022

The PETRA plant team has started the MER and permit application required for the construction of the PETRA plant. The…Read more

MOOI InReP project granted

09th May 2022

BioBTX participates in the RVO backed MOOI project, the Integrated approach towards Recycling of Plastics (InReP). Together with, amongst others,…Read more

LCA study performed for the PETRA plant

09th May 2022

An LCA (Life-Cycle-Assessment) study has been performed for the PETRA plant, which supports what we already knew: making BTX from…Read more

Site for the PETRA plant has been confirmed at the Delfzijl chemical site

09th May 2022

The PETRA plant team has gotten the confirmation for the future location of the PETRA plant. The PETRA plant will…Read more

Circular Foam project granted

09th May 2022

BioBTX participates in the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme Circular Foam. The project consortium consists of 21…Read more

In-house construction of the MiniPlant has started

09th May 2022

BioBTX has started the in-house construction of a more flexible alternative for their 10-kilogram scale pilot plant: the miniplant. This…Read more

Basic Engineering PETRA plant finished by TransitionHERO

09th May 2022

TransitionHERO has finished the Basic Engineering phase of the PETRA plant. TransitionHero and BioBTX will continue with the detailed engineering…Read more

Construction of Mini Plant completed

09th May 2022

BioBTX has finished the construction of the in-house developed and constructed mini plant. This setup is able to process 100…Read more

Announcement regarding departure Pieter Imhof

22nd Mar 2022

This is to inform you that effective March 1st, 2021 our CEO Pieter Imhof has left BioBTX. Pieter joined us in September 2017. His extensive…Read more

Making PUR Foam Circular!

22nd Mar 2022

Closing the materials cycle for rigid polyurethane foams: This is the ambitious goal of the new pan-European “CIRCULAR FOAM” project.…Read more

High-performance fiber produced by Teijin Aramid from BioBTX’ sustainable product

22nd Mar 2022

In collaboration with BioBTX and Syncom, Teijin Aramid has succeeded in producing their high-performce fiber, Twaron®, from green feedstock materials.…Read more

BioBTX visited by TopTeam Chemistry

14th Jul 2020

The TopTeam Chemistry visited a variety of companies in the Northern Netherlands, with a focus on recycling, reuse and biomaterials.…Read more