Just Transition Fund project granted!

BioBTX, seen as a pioneer in circular technology development, is proud to announce that together with
the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e), the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG) and with the help of
ASQA Subsidies, they received a subsidy of €2.8 million from the Just Transition Fund (JTF) for the
implementation and execution of their project, titled: “Production of Renewable and Biobased BTX and
Other Sustainable Chemicals from Combined Organic and Circular Inputs.” This grant will be used to
develop the next stage of the BioBTX technology, to convert mixtures of biomass and plastic waste into
valuable drop-in chemicals. The JTF recognizes BioBTX’s potential to drive innovation in sustainable
practices, contributing to Europe’s transition to a climate-neutral future.

The project focuses on the possibilities of developing new technology that allows for the processing of
varying input streams of both biomass and plastic waste streams in different compositions and ratios into
BTX and other high-value chemicals. Together with the research groups of Professor H.J. Heeres of the
University of Groningen, Professor J. A. M. Kuipers and Dr.ir. K.A. Buist of the University of Eindhoven,
this unique project will make it possible for BioBTX and its partners to set the next steps in the
development and improvement of the BioBTX ICCP technology, both operationally and fundamentally.
The project aligns with the vision of the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) and Social
Affairs and Employment (SZW), as well as the support of municipalities in the Groningen region.
Together, they aim to accelerate the energy transition, create a resilient labor market, and promote
sustainable practices.

“We are very pleased to be one of the first recipients of the Just Transition Fund grant, which is a
significant milestone in our mission to develop state-of-the-art technology for renewable chemicals. This
will enable us to contribute actively to the circular economy and make strides in reducing waste while
creating sustainable employment opportunities,” stated Cor Kamminga, CEO at BioBTX.

Read the full press release here (ENG), or here (NL).