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These are our products and research opportunities, from feedstock to catalyst screening, ranging from milli-gram to kilogram scale. We are happy to assist you in the challenge of reaching your sustainability goals.


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Are you a waste management company, government, producer or user sustainable produced chemicals? Or someone who wants to join the transition towards a circular economy?

Take a look at the research capabilities of BioBTX and let us know how we can contribute towards your sustainability goals.

Micro scale


  • Feedstock screening
  • Catalyst screening
  • Catalytic pyrolysis process on lab-scale (microgram scale)
  • High efficieny
  • High throughput
  • Direct analysis of produced vapors through GC-MS/FID system
  • Flexible in process conditions (independant temperature control)

Micro scale


  • Feedstock screening
  • Catalyst screening
  • ICCP-process on lab-scale (microgram scale)
  • Direct analysis of produced vapours through GC-MS/FID system

Gram scale


  • Gram scale batch process
  • Complete mass balances can be obtained
  • Wide flexibility in feedstock (biomass, plastics, and combinations thereof)
  • Wide flexibility in catalyst selection and even combinations are possible
  • Possibility for extensive product analyses (liquid, gaseous and solid products)
  • Our smallest setup which generates a visible and tangible product

Continuous gram scale

Mini Plant

  • 100-200 grams per hour continuous process
  • Translatable to large scale
  • Possibilities for process optimisations
  • Wide array of analysis methods (liquid, gaseous and solid products)
  • Highly flexible
  • Produces relevant quantities of products (liquid, gaseous and solid)

Continuous kilogram scale

Pilot Plant

  • Up to 10 kilogram per hour continuous feeding
  • Solid and liquid feedstock compatibility
  • Extensive array of analysis methods
  • Has the capability to establish a mass balance: liquid, gaseous and solid products
  • Scale-up of trends established on smaller scale
  • Produces product oil samples quantities in the order of litres