Passion for a green world, green chemistry is the key

A unique technology for a future proof world.

The Mission of BioBTX

The key solution for a circular chemical industry. Currently more than 80% of all the carbon used in chemicals and materials is fossil based. The BioBTX technology provides a solution for replacing the fossil based carbon with renewable alternatives.

With a market size of over approximately 150.000.000 tons of aromatics produced every year, worth over more than €100 billion, the potential is enormous.

BioBTX makes the production of high value chemicals out of waste utilisation possible. Waste streams are nowadays either incinerated, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, landfilled, or under-utilised. BioBTX can turn these beautiful feedstocks into renewable, circular, and biobased products. This reduces the reliance on fossil resources, reduces the greenhouse gas emissions, and helps in securing reliable circular and renewable chemical building blocks. Because we will need these chemical building blocks in the future. High-performance polymers (e.g used in electric cars), pharmaceuticals and coatings are for example made from aromatic building blocks. The BioBTX technology can thus help our societies transition towards a sustainable production of the building blocks we need now and in the future.

As with all innovations: we cannot do this alone. We need to collaborate. We offer the technology and expertise to convert waste plastics or biomass  – or a combination thereof – to drop-in chemical building blocks, such as BTX. So are you a producer of BTX based products or BTX itself, and would you like to substitute your fossil based products by renewable alternatives? Then we would like to get in contact to explore the possibilities of licensing, strategic partnerships or joint development.

At BioBTX we say, “We can process anything which contains carbon and hydrogen, to product”. So far the opposite has not been proven.

Future opportunities

The BioBTX technology is developed with flexibility at its core. BioBTX will further develop the technology to valorise different types of feedstocks into a wide range of renewable and sustainable drop-in chemicals.

Currently the focus is on mixed waste plastics and non-food biomass, which are converted to BTX. The produced BTX can be classified as circular and enables a lower carbon footprint for the handling of such mixed waste plastics. The research into the conversion of (waste) biomass into BTX is also of paramount importance for BioBTX as we foresee that the sustainable production of chemicals requires the combined processing of (waste) biomass and waste plastics. This allows us to be flexible in our feedstock choice and will result in a future-proof relevant technology for the transition towards a sustainable society.

We will not stop when our first plant has been realised, we will keep improving the current technology, expand to different feedstocks, investigate other chemical products. BioBTX is here to stay.