Laying the foundation for green manufacturing

Making chemistry fully circular.

The result of 10 years research

The BioBTX technology has been developed over a period of more than 10 years and will now be taken to the next step.

The combination of small-scale R&D, pilot plant research, and extensive fundamental knowledge on the chemistry and process itself has allowed BioBTX to develop its unique technology. BioBTX is now taking the next step in the development: scaling up towards commercial scale.

See below some of the milestones the R&TD team has accomplished in the last few years:

April 2022

BioBTX has finished the construction of the in-house designed and constructed Mini Plant. This setup is able to process 100 gram per hour on a continuous basis and has received some important improvements and modifications based on the BioBTX pilot plant. The Mini Plant will allow BioBTX to improve and expand its research capabilities. Due to the custom design, the Mini Plant is more flexible regarding process, feedstock, and product aspects. This allows for a robust setup, capable of satisfying the needs of BioBTX and partners.

April 2022

The custom-made high-throughput pyrolysis testing setup, specifically tailored to BioBTX’ requirements, has been received and installed. The setup will be upgraded with the capability to do high-throughput catalyst testing at the start of July, 2022.

January - March 2022

BioBTX has conducted further research and testing regarding the “waste-of-the-waste”. DKR350 and DKR310 streams were processed into BTX. New insights have been gained, previous research and assumptions have been confirmed, and valuable circular BTX has been produced. BioBTX is currently assessing and processing the results.