Interns on the frontlines of aromatics’ circular transformation!

We are thrilled to welcome our newest interns, Matina de Waal Malefijt and Joline Ridder, to our ranks! As we continue our mission to develop and commercialize technologies that sustainably transform the aromatics industry, their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives will be invaluable additions to our team.

Matina and Joline embody our vision of making circular chemistry possible. With their passion for sustainability and recycling, they are poised to contribute significantly to our ongoing projects. Throughout their time with us, they will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the intricacies of our work, gaining hands-on experience and collaborating with seasoned professionals. Matina will mainly contribute to the more fundamental characterization of catalysts, while Joline will contribute to our conversion modelling.

As Matina and Joline embark on this journey with us, we are excited to witness the innovative ideas and solutions they will bring to the table. Their presence reinforces our commitment to fostering a culture of sustainability and driving positive change in the aromatics industry.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Matina and Joline as they begin this exciting chapter with us at BioBTX. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the pursuit of a more sustainable future!