InReP: An Integrated Approach Towards Recycling of Plastics

BioBTX participates in the Topsector Energiesubsidie of the ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate backed research program InReP. InReP recognizes both the advantages (i.e., lightweight, transparent, and strong) and disadvantages (i.e., GHG emissions and accumulation in nature) of plastics. The consortium of InReP aims to make plastics fully circular, such that future generations can still benefit from the vast advantages, without the current disadvantages. The focus of InReP is on the polyolefins (PE and PP), one of the largest plastic waste streams at the moment.

To make these plastics fully circular, InReP aims to improve sorting technologies, such that mechanical recycling efficiency increases. However, InReP also aims to improve the chemical recycling and upcycling technologies. There will be plastics which cannot be recycled via mechanical technologies, these are perfect for the chemical recycling and upcycling technologies. BioBTX is involved in both the chemical recycling and upcycling parts of the project.

Some of our partners within InReP: Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, Braskem, Clariant, DOW, ExxonMobil, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, NHL Stenden, Renewi, Syncom, Teijin, Twence, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, and University of Twente.

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